King Salman Visitors Park Pavilion

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Riyadh - KSA
Aerial view of the King Salman Visitors Park Pavilion

The main auditorium, which can accommodate up to 230 guests with VIP and tiered seating, can be used for events, entertainment shows, and business meetings. Interactive garden exhibits will introduce the park's natural, cultural, and recreational aspects to visitors, while the pavilion will have a large terrace with 360-degree views of the landscape. The pavilion's design concept is based on Salmani architecture principles, which honor the beauty of traditional materials and showcase them through modern design and construction. The design maximizes the use of natural light during seasonal fluctuations, with an emphasis on sustainability and the environment. King Salman Park is distinguished by its location in the Saudi capital, which is connected to several major roads as well as the public transport project, which includes Riyadh's train and bus networks, making it easily accessible to the city's residents and visitors. Our main scope on this project was: Specifications.

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Garden of the King Salman Visitors Park Pavilion